Akinyemi Tobi
3 min readMar 30, 2021


Reef is intending to achieve a major milestone which will essentially bring us further closer to one of our main goals in making the suitability of Defi easier in the usage of the platform through their proposed launching of the Reef Chain Testnet in their administrative system. The proposed design of Reef Chain will evolve the compatibility of a fully decentralized Proof of allegiance mechanism, which will be the fundamental principle on which the dApps system functions. DApp design was created in providing seamless transactional values for the Ethereum users for dynamic accessibility into Reef chain platform without requesting any pin change. This will effectively makes DeFi the key ingredient in regulating the barrier in which the Reef users experienced in gaining access to the DApp.

Reef has essentially encouraged more investors, users, and community members that are interested in farming can now make use of the launched LIT/REEF stacking bond by locking up and entitle to the reward of $20,000 worth of $REEF. This bond is an amazing feature that provides a fast and low –fees transaction payment of BSC in which users can easily convert their return yield to Eth. For flexible usage, Reef bond is now made available on Binance Smart Network for further accessibility for community users.


Reef collaborated with PolkaDefiance for the provision of interoperability functions and empowerment of liquidity providers for their esteemed investors.

Reef bonds with dynamic Defi initiative in which the users can stake their assets during stacking pool for a certain duration with the aims of achieving and earning more lucrative returns for generation of financial income. This has essentially attracted more investors in stacking their assets into the Reef platform to have a partaking in these benefits.

Reef creation of Reef Chain which is the first-ever Defi blockchain on the system platform has effectively increased the numerical value of the maximum financial fund of their community members. In addition to this, this Reef chain will offer full support of decentralized functions to the community users in the ecosystem.

Reef partnership with @ElrondNetwork has led to investments of $20 million into the finance system by Alameda which will equally generate more ranges of recruitment in the administrative system and also this will permit the Reef to work conventionally with Serum and other dynamic frictionless link chains products in providing attractive features for the benefit of their investors.


Reef has really made more progress recently due to their numerous conventionally partnership with different finance with the aim of providing a suitable platform for their users for an effective transaction and also attractive features of their application system in the generation of more income either through farming activities or locking of assets in a vault for a certain duration for maximum output generation.

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